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The plural form of bronchus is
The plural form of bronchus is

The plural form of bronchus is

Download The plural form of bronchus is

Download The plural form of bronchus is

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Definition of bronchi in the Medical Dictionary. bronchi explanation. bronchi. /bron·chi/ (brong?ki) plural of bronchus. Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health

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is bronchus form the plural of

bronchi - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Plural form: bronchi Forum discussions with the word(s) "bronchi" in the title:. What's the plural form of bronchus? Here's the word you're looking for. "bronchi" is a plural form of "bronchus": either of the 2 main branches of the trachea. Synonyms: bronchial tube, bronchium. Topic: general anatomy

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Oct 2, 2011 - How to change a Latin or Greek singular noun to its plural form. Total Cards. 15. Subject LATIN PLURAL. bronchi. (BRONG-kyoo-lie) bronchi definition: noun pl. bronchi any of the major air passageways of the lungs; bronchi. Noun. plural form of bronchus. English Wiktionary. Available under noun di·ver·tic·u·lum ?di-v?r-?ti-ky?-l?m. plural di·ver·tic·u·la -l?. Definition of DIVERTICULUM. 1. : an abnormal pouch or sac opening from a hollow organ (as (brong'k?s) Plural bronchi (brong'ki', brong'ke') Either of the two main branches of the trachea that lead to the lungs, where they divide into smaller branches. Bronchus is the singular form. Photographs is a plural noun, so it needs to be made singular, resulting in the word What forms lining of trachea and bronchi?The function of the bronchus is to split up the air coming into the right and left gases are exchanged during respiration. bronchus(bronchi-plural) held open by

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